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FRP Toilets

“EVERLAST” Make Composite Ready Made Economical Prefabricated Light Weight Composite TOILET.

  • “EVERLAST” made Prefabricated Composite Toilet is 100% Made up of FRP Composite Material.
  • Non Corrosive
  • Light Weight
  • High Strength
  • Eco Friendly
  • Easy to Transport
  • Easy to Install
  • Permanent paint

The Product is made of High engineered FRP Composite Raw materials, Like, FRP Sheet & Tubular Sections. Which are made on Continues Laminating Plant for Best Product service in Years of Life Span. Their Frame structure is made of FRP Pultrusion Section Line. And its base, i.e., Tub (Orissa Tub) is made from ISO NPG Spray Up Technology Gel Coat for Bubble free, uniform Thickness & Coating, molding reinforced with required materials for High Load Bearing Capacity up to 200 Kg Load.

  • All Above Technology Gives Durability, Good finish, Excellent quality and cost effectiveness, compare to CONVENTIONAL “Civil”, “Plastic” & “Metal” Toilets.
  • Gives 10 & 25 years limited warrantee respectively.

Basic Component of The Toilet

  • FRP Sheet Made from Continues Laminated Plant with UV Stabilized Resin, Optional on request with Fire Retardants
  • Engineering FRP Composite Angle, C channel and Pipe sections. The process of manufacturing is called Pultrusion Line, means Pulling and Extrusion of Glass Fiber with Resin as a binder. Having Glass Content above 65% leading to HIGH Tensile Strength.
  • The Base of FRP Orissa Tub is Made by Spray up Technology, Which ensures UNIFORM Thickness, Crack free, bubble free, high strength quality of product.
  • EVEREST – ECPL has established the name in the manufacturing of FRP composite products since two decades.
  • EVEREST-ECPL always believes in adopting new technology through continuous Innovation to improve the products.
  • EVEREST-ECPL have developed Most Stable, long Life, Light Weight, Corrosion Free, Easy to Transport and Most Economical in terms of Wor Life Span Product Called EVERLAST TOILET.
  • Speedy dispatches, means High production Ratio, we can dispatch large quantities with excellent service.
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