frp roofing 1 - Chemical resistance FRP roofing and cladding Sheet
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Chemical resistance FRP roofing and cladding Sheet

With the years of experience in this industry, Everestfrp have created a new range of Fiber Glass Roofing Sheets that are designed by the experts. We are the leading industrial FRP roof panel manufacturer in India. The customers have admired our industrial FRP roof sheet. The products offered by Everest Composites are low in maintenance, longer service life, sturdy build, resistance against extreme weather conditions and fire.

The manufacturing unit where Fiber Glass Roofing Sheet is made by using the latest technology and well-equipped machinery. Also, to create any product we use high-grade raw material which is then processed to create a superior quality of the product. Each batch manufactured here are tested at the R&D Lab, so the quality of the product is not compromised.

Why Chemical Resistance FRP/GRC Sheet Required ?

  • Corrosive Chemical Process
  • Coastal Area
  • Spillages of Chemicals on the Roof
  • Due to Corrosive Vapor
  • Due to Weathering like Snowfall / Extreme Rainfall.

Where is Fiber Glass Roofing Sheets Needed?

These FRP sheets are often used as shaded to cover certain areas. These sheets are used on:

  • Cold Storages
  • Warehouses
  • Swimming Pools
  • Terrace
  • Garden
  • Open Sky Arena

Type of Resin for Chemical Resistance FRP/GRC Panel

  • Using higher grade of Resin like Isophthalic Resin / Vinyl ester Resin.
  • Top side Gel coated having Gelcoat on Vinyl ester Resin / Isophthalic Resin / RL UV with combination of Resin with Vinyl ester / Isophthalic Resin / RL UV.

Advantages of Chemical Resistance FRP/GRC Sheet

  • Life of EVEREST FRP/GRP chemical grade sheet would be more than 20 years.
  • Warranty of top side Gel Coated EVEREST FRP/GRP sheet is 15 years against any manufacturing defect. Thus Gel coated FRP/GRP sheet life is much higher than the normal FRP/GRP sheet.
  • Excellent Resistance to Moisture, Ultraviolet Rays, Electrical Shock, temperature, water pressure & all chemical effects like Oils, Acids, different types of Fumes etc.
  • Durable, Fire retardant, protection from Corrosion, Leakages, Rust, Rot & prevents Warping.
  • Avoid breakage, shattering and chipping
  • Zero Maintenance, Leak proof
  • Quick & easy installation
  • Easy relocatable
  • It has good thermal / heat insulating property

Advantages of Fiber Glass Roofing Sheets:

Unlike the Galvanized or industrial corrugated roof sheets, the FRP roof panel doesn’t get affected by extreme weather. Also, being opaque, it filters the natural light inside. Everest Composites creates FRP roofing sheets, tiles, and panels as per the customer’s requirement. So, if you need smooth finish or texture finished, all you need is to contact us, and we will be creating the product as per the requirement. We also take pride in delivering product on time despite being ordered in large quantity. All this supplied at a very reasonable rate in the market.

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